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Animal Sacrifice

Animal Sacrifice:

The word sacrifice is derived from Latin, meaning to make Sacred.
The system referred to as high magic is one of the ancient practices among circular religious groups. The system was incorporated as part of medieval ceremonial magic.
It was well recognized among esoteric orders such as the Golden Dawn, The key of Salomon proceed to instruct how such practice, which is widely accepted among Gnostics and the cabalists and has long standing biblical background.
Animal sacrifice was offered in the Old Testament by Aaron whom God had told to sacrifice two goats.

Animal sacrifice has been found in almost all cultures including the Greeks, Romans, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hindus, and Aztecs.

The medieval practice used four legged animals and today in some Vodou Rituals, Santeria, and Maccumba practices two legged animals are often preferred and must be healthy virgins. Birds, Pigeons, roosters, and hens are primarily used.

An offering is different from a sacrifice in that an offering is something offered as a gift or an act of honor and respect to spirit and or deity while a sacrifice should be seen as a spiritual duty, something that is asked of you. It is a test of spiritual commitment and devotion.  

In Haitian Vodou Beliefs All rituals are done in a humanely manner according to our tradition and proper protocols. I must say Vodou is also practiced on many different levels, sacrifice may depend on the Loa, or if the loa requires such sacrifice. It is also important to keep in mind the Family Loa's as well as the Loas themselves. Rada, Petwo, Kongo, those are the primary 3 commonly followed. Some of these loas depending on their family or what we call Nation (Nachon, Nasyon) some may require sacrifices. 

The Ginen (meaning from the Guinea Nation) works with pure light and white magic. They give glory to Bondye (God) and pay homage to the lwa and the ancestors. In this practice, an offering consists of mainly fruits, cooked foods like yams, wine, water, and pastries. Flesh is minimal to none.

Many Loa in the Petwo family are “hot” spirits and aggressive warriors. They are enticed by blood and may require sacrifice.

We do not choose the animal, the animal is chosen by the spirits. depending on the type of ritual or ceremony usually the animal is sacrifed in a humane manner and cooked for food. In other rituals the animal is not digested it all depends. As whole the animal is treated and thought of as sacred and with respect. This is not something taken lightly. 

It takes great knowledge to conduct these ceremonies, however most important it depends on your personal relationship with that spirit and if a sacrifice is asked of or required of you. Before attempting any type of sacrificial ritual I would suggest finding a knowledgeable person who has experience to assist you but you must always be present.

During Sacrificial rituals blood is often spurt to the ground as a way of honoring the deceased or the intended spirits.
Animal sacrifice pacifies the spirits during rituals, the music and rums, and dancing in circles are very similar if not the same as many ancient pagan practices.

In the United States animal sacrifice is banned in most states, the ASPCA and animal rights activists forbids cruelty to animals; however in some states a practitioner can obtain a license to do so in a non-violent manner.

  • Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and in no way, shape or form condones the act of animal abuse or sacrifice.

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